Social Video is so 2012! A few examples to start you off

So I’ve set up my blog so I better get blogging. I know I probably should’ve done this 10 years ago but……<insert> excuses.

A lot more to come but here goes post number one.

I’ve read a number of articles lately about social video and it’s importance for 2012. To be honest it’s going to be a gun fight come the Olympics for most of the large brands so this will be a massive strategy for most of them. I’d be interested to see how each of them try working social into their campaign in 2012. Branson has already kicked off the war of the brands using Usain Bolt in the latest Virgin advert. Nice if you have the money Richard!

Just think the Adidas v Nike battle at the last World Cup. Adidas got the raw deal that time by splashing out the money and lining FIFA’s pockets but the true winner was Nike. Now i’m not saying the absolute millions they pay Rooney, Ronaldo etc wasn’t anything to scream about, but a genius bit of creative notched up millions of views and saw the start of advert sharing across social media. To that date I hadn’t seen too much about but now it is common place.  Around this time I was about to go on my honeymoon and I had the idea of trying to copy the Visa advert for Ladbrokes (my current employer at the time).  This would have been easy to film and such a simple idea to put the Ladbrokes brand out socially.

Social video is now just as important as your next TV advert. Some companies go down the best fit for both, I’m thinking VW here with their StarWars saga or maybe some of the T-Mobile ads (although I find them very hit and miss). Some people prefer to split them….. which would be my ideal solution too.

The reason I wanted to start with this blog post is that I’m another one of the marketeers that has invested my time and strategy into social media for 2012.  This didn’t happen overnight and I don’t have the luxury of a large marketing budget at the moment like the good old days in the igaming industry.

So what can you do?  To help prove it and visuilise it to the senior management I created four simple movie ideas which were used on our fanpages as competition drivers. Here is one of them…..can you guess the movie?

As part of my role at I have now taken this idea, received backing from the powers that be and come up with a series of Top Gear type challenge videos to drive engagement and fanbase on facebook. Obviously there will be a competition mechanic behind this to drive numbers but for a few hours of your time, a bit of cash to produce you can achieve some pretty good, unique and interesting content for your social media page, news sections and general PR.