Idea: Kill Gio Compario for next Advert

It’s been said a fair few times by many more knowledgable people than I, but enough with the adverts already. Even since the I heard the original advert (i think it was the coffee shop one), I’ve never been a fan. Don’t get me wrong, I have a soft spot for some crap / annoying adverts but there is something about that I could never like. It’s all down to Chris Wilkins and Sian Vickers, who were behind the Sheilas’ Wheels campaign (another gem).

I’ve spent time as an affiliate over the last few years so understand how successful they must be with their rev-share business model, but there is NO way I’d ever visit their website to compare costs. I think it is likely that there will be many more of you that would agree, so how far can they push it before they hurt their “brand”? It must be pretty interesting reading their social monitoring or NPS score? must be on their 10th variation of the advert these days which is pretty impressive, albeit a waste of production cost for me. Lately some of the ads have only seen a few months of ait-time before there is a set of new creative.

If anyone from gets round to reading this I have an idea for you. In your next advert can you kill the fat fella? But add in a twist for public execution and it will be a big hit. Use social media to create the final finally! A few suggestions for the creative….. Drive off him off the cliff in the 1940s car, rocket to the moon or buried alive with his Mummy!


  • TheFuture

    You predicted the future, mate.