Best Festival Line-Up EVER!

Not going to lie, I nicked this idea from my boss. He wrote a blog about his best festival line-up and I just liked the idea and wanted to play along. Now i know this doesn’t sound like a big deal but the twist was to add an act to the line-up based on their reputation at the time of the album.

For example if you went for Oasis from their debut definiality maybe era then they wouldn’t be suitable headliners. He also went for a 2 day festival but I was never a fan of this format and only ever went to V-festival once.

I was more of a Reading festival fan (as you’ll see from my music choices) and also had the pleasure of doing the 4 day festival experience back in 1996 at the phoenix festival at an airfield outside Stratford. This is mainstage only or this could take me years to put together….. I’m thinking dance tent, acoustic stage etc etc. As you can see below, I might have been a teenager in the 90’s! I’ve gone for acts I’ve seen live or would like to see love. I have seen the Prodigy but missed out when we were both in our prime. I have a few debut albums in the mix, and unlike the crazy people at The Reading festival Arctic Monkeys don’t get top billing. Like the Reading festival I’ve gone for an out and out Rock day for the Sunday.

So, get the Rizla at the ready, here is my ideal festival experience. See you in the mosh pit!