Social Video Campaign

This week sees the launch of my latest social media campaign. Following up on the article i put on here last month that talks about the hype, but importance, of social video, i’m happy to report of the launch of the Motor Challenge Competition. Take a look and get involved at Facebook.

Filmed over two days at the back end of 2011, the car was “raced” around the Castle Combe race track and the roads around Oxfordshire. The shots were filmed and edited by the guys at Couldn’t recommend the Videre team anymore if you are looking to produce video content.

What i hope to achieve is a fun unique competition that is 1. easy to enter 2. engaging 3. enjoyable and 4. shareable. The competition prize fund has also been set-up so any new fan that joins our page in the final week still has a shot at winning the big money, however the prize structure is aimed at keeping fans engaged as a minimum of 2 occasions each week.

The campaign has fourteen challenges (two a week) for the Motors fans to take part in. All followers have to do is watch the video and answer a question – for each challenge they get right, they can win 50 quid. The biggest reason for playing each week and trying to answer correctly is they will also be entered into the final prize draw where the first prize of a £1,000 up for grabs, as well as some runner-up prizes. For every challenge a fan answers correctly, they get a chance to win £50 worth of fuel, plus entry into the final prize draw – so they could have their name in the hat up to 14 times!

The facebook page build and app was created and hosted by They state on their website, Frequent and often engagement with your community through interactive social promotions is the recipe for building a strong fan base. EngageSciences family of apps and promotional campaigns are a great way to start increasing your interactions with consumers on Facebook & Twitter.” It’s pretty obvious in this day and age of online marketing, but it’s a pretty decent system and glad to be working with Engage on this project. I worked with Engage last year and using their platform has moved Motors to the next level of my social media strategy and gave the brand fantastic growth and engagement figures. More of the same for this campaign I hope!

As you might see from my driving style in the videos…… i should have been a racing driver…… but i’m just too fat to fit in an F1 seat!

Take a look and get involved at Facebook.