How to embed a tweet into a html web page or blog

The world is sharing mad these days, from like, tweet, pin, watch, read and more everyone what’s to share information.

One of the nice updates from twitter recently (well a while now but it’s taken me a while to blog about it) is embedding a tweet into your website. This tactic is a journalists dream now. Talk sport, Daily Mail and more are embedding tweets from footballers and celebrities and turning it into a new article. Bit of a cheap way to make some content, but hey, fills the website with some content.

You can embed a tweet into your website, html page or wordpress blog etc by clicking into twitter and selecting the details button within the tweet. This will direct you to the tweet url, that’s right every single tweet has its own URL and can be crawled and ranked within a search engine.

One you get to this page click the Embed this Tweet, copy the code and off you go!

Find below how this tweet will look and the buttons which will help you find the code to embed your tweets into your website.