My 3000th Tweet

So here is my landmark 3000th tweet.


Now who the hell am i to sit here and talk about how google have all their business strategy wrong, the facts are facts.  ComScore have give us these browsing stats and according to the research Google+ users averaged only three minutes on the site during January.

  • Facebook: 405 minutes
  • Pinterest/Tumblr: 89 minutes
  • Twitter: 21 minutes
  • LinkedIn: 17
  • MySpace: 8
  • Google+: 3

It’s pretty easy to say who are these people that waste 3 monitues a month on google +. To be honest i check it every couple of weeks and their might be one post or two, along with the new brand posts that google are pushing into the stream to make it look a bit busier.

I recently had a meeting and people were saying google+ and social media will have some effect on SEO in the coming months and years. Based on the facts, I don’t see the weight of percentage more the 1%!