2012 Olympics Adverts

The Olympics is now just 100 days away. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were all jumping up and down watching the big screens in Trafalgar Square with David Beckham and gang doing their thing.

To many top brands throughout the world the opportunity of the Olympics is massive. They have to put up a fair few millions to be one of the official sponsors and then every more to have one of the top stars to endorse their product.

It’s safe to say I’m going to get very bored with seeing Olympians on tv adverts and in print advertising over the coming months. First out of the blocks was Usain Bolt promoting Virgin. To be honest this campaign was pretty good and rather creative. He has already starred in a second advert…. I wonder if he will make it a hat-trick of advertisement deals before the games begin?

For me I’m not sure I’d want to hand over the vast amount of money to these Olympians. I know that is my choice and I’ve never had the type of budgets that Virgin or Mastercard / Via / McDonalds give their marketing teams.

The Olympics give opportunity for smaller brands too with some creative ideas of how your brand fits in with the games. I have a few ideas of how I can do this in my current role, but will we be lost in all the noise? Watch this space for these ideas.

It will be interesting in June with Euro 2012 v Olympics for advertising spends. You’ll have the Euro’s going on in plus all the brands trying to get their Olympic messages out into the market before the games begin. Good times for ad salesmen!

So far here of the Olympian endorsing adverts I have spotted.