Aldi TV Adverts

In 2011 Aldi hit the top with their gin drinking gran and won #1 advert of the year. The Aldi campaign was masterminded by the Leith Agency in 2011. I’ve just noticed they have a super cool old man drinking the aldi version of redbull….. it’s another stroke of genius from the Aldi marketing team.

I’m a self confessed food snob so would never EVER shop at Aldi. But I do love this campaign.

I love this campaign as they haven’t gone down the mum of the year route like Iceland, or get in some Z list celebs and sports stars like Morrison or Tesco. They deffinatly haven’t gone down the M&S route….. but hey….. it’s humorous and memorable so I tip my hat to them.

Here is a couple of the adverts from the campaign including the new energy drink advert.