Social Video Campaign Result

Social video is becoming more and more popular as the world shares content via a number of social networks.  As part of my role at  I recently created a social media campaign aimed at creating video content (produced, edited and filmed by to help engage our social audience and continue brand awareness by enjoyable video content.

Launched in March 2012, the ‘Motors Motor’ campaign ran via an app (produced by on Facebook and has been a great success in increasing brand awareness and boosting fan numbers. I devised a series of fourteen motoring challenges that were filmed at Castle Combe racetrack and completed by the Motor’s Motor – a classic Triumph Dolomite. The campaign attracted over 4,000 entrees to the competition to win one of over 15 prizes and the video content produced near 6,000 views in total.

During the campaign, engagement levels saw achieve over 2 million in terms of social reach with friends of friends viewing and engaging with the activity. As a result traffic driven to motors as a referral link off Facebook increased by over 7 per cent during the campaign.

The ‘Motors Motor’ campaign not only helped achieve fan growth and engagement, but it also delivered traffic to  Year on year, referrals from Facebook are up by 100 per cent at

For me I think the next stats are the key to the success of the campaign. During the campaign, traffic from Facebook to attracted over 67 per cent of people that had never been on, and what’s better is that 51 per cent of them being served at least one car details page. The whole point of the campaign was to attract new people to, and at 67% of new traffic this is fantastic. I’m overjoyed that not only did we manage to attract traffic to Motors, but they interacted with the website and searched our used cars.

This is my quote which also went out in the press release:


Stephen Jury, Marketing Manager, comments:  “Social video is experiencing a boom in popularity currently and we wanted to capitalise on this type of content to drive brand awareness growth of  Sharing of multimedia on Twitter and Facebook is continuing to grow and we wanted to create some memorable and enjoyable videos that our community would engage in.

“People are continuing to spend longer online and consuming more content than ever before. But we have all got our work cut out to get it seen  – 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Viral videos and enjoyable adverts can attract tens of millions views a great example being VW Star Wars campaign who’s three adverts have clocked up 80 million views on YouTube alone. But it’s not just big brands with millions to spend that can try and succeed with video content. Just last week I also noticed Bicester Ford produce a video to promote an offer they had, which shows all dealers then can get involved with this with any amount of budget.”

Here is the the promo video which shows you some of the content:



  • JamesTaylor

    Good one for your CV!

    • Stephen Jury

      True James…. CV is good already but i can now add racing driver to it!