Rear Facing Campaign


Today I have kicked off a new campaign focused on raising awareness for the safety benefits for rear facing car seats. Ask me 18 months ago and I didn’t even know what a car seat was or how to fit it. It’s surprising how fast you learn things when you become a dad.

Once you start reading into the topic it’s pretty scary why retailers in the UK do not really stock these car seats. It might be another one of those things that in a few more years it’s commonplace and you wonder why they were never around before. I don’t think I am that old but my first car didn’t actually have any rear seat belts in it…… so shows how far you can come in a very short (ish) time.

Like most people in the UK my research and purchasing started and ended at Mothercare. There was no option but front facing after my daughter left her infant car seat. When I started this campaign we kicked off with a survey to find out the knowledge of parents in the UK about the benefits to putting your child in a rear facing seat. When we ran the survey just 18% of parents used a rear facing car seat for their child (over 12 months old).

So why continue the campaign in this way? Over 50% of parents surveyed said they would purchase a rear facing car seat if they were more widely available on the high street. So, with that sort of stat….. how could we not run a campaign?

Below are some of the images used, an infographic produced, couple of video shoot pictures and the videos produced to help with the campaign.

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