Every town needs a local twitter account

Like most of my posts I’ll start with the usual opening, I’ve been meaning to blog about this for ages. The blog post has actually changed from the original plan. I wanted to publish a blog about the benefit of having a local news source on twitter for smaller towns. Most small towns have a very small and poorly run local newspaper that probably do not understand what social media is. S0me are also too small to have a dedicated website or use a hub like Local People.

I moved to Aylesbury a couple of years back and knew nothing about the area. I’m a fan of twitter and was rather please to final someone had created a local twitter account that profile claims.

“@_aylesbury is a Twitter feed that provides content relevant to the people living, and companies working, in Aylesbury Vale.”

As a marketeer I feel the owner of the twitter account could also look for some financial reward for tweeting local deals. This hasn’t really happened which is a shame, considering the popularity of sites like Wowcher, Groupon and Living Social…. everyone loves a local bargain. Finding local pubs, restaurants, shops etc doing offers would help keep the feed interesting and worth following.

The twitter account started so well with local news and opinions…. my favourite was the debate about the best Chinese takeaway or fish and chip shop. The owner of the profile has helped me find a number of local tradesmen. I asked him to RT my tweet when looking for a gardener, sparky or plumber and local people fired over their suggestions. This is a helpful source of information and gives you a true review and recommendation instead of using websites like trustatrader.com.

My original blog was going to end here and to suggest if you live in a small town or village, consider setting up a twitter account to do the same. But a word of warning I am just about to unfollow the so called Mr Aylesbury because the fame has gone to his head and he no longer offers the service he once promoted. It is more his personal twitter feed now with little or no local news.

Instead of just local news there is now a steady theme of opinion about wider issues such as the tweet below. For me, this is not really important and if i wanted to know about this type of story I’d follow a football news feed. Likewise the profile owner also doesn’t just reply to tweets at the moment and does a quote retweet, so you get to see every tweet / reply he does. For me this clutters up my feed and once again doesn’t actially give me the information I once wanted.

So, I’m off to unfollow Mr Aylesbury and live in hope that @AylesburySting or @inside_ayles keep me uptodate with local news.