Facebook mobile adverts go live on iPhone app

Just spotted this on my mobile app, the first time I’ve seen an advert or sponsored story within the mobile environment on Facebook.

It was always going to come but a little bit of me is annoyed to see it this way. Unlike on a pc where the right hand side is for display and adverts, this sponsored story is within my personal feed. There is little to tell you that this Irish Gambling company paid for me to view or click this advert. For me this wrong and I can see a number of consumers kicking up a fuss about this. For me this is like google placing a paid for advert in position 4 or 5 in the rankings with no style changes from an unpaid search result.

I sit here and as a consumer I say I do not want this, however as a marketeer I’ll be fishing about this week for some ppc budget for this. I have found that these type of ‘friend like’ adverts are by far and away the best at converting new fans and the cheapest. You might not get the volume versus some other advert types, but acquiring new Facebook fans via the ‘friends connection’ is the best ROI for your advertising spend (in my experience).

Here is the mobile advert Facebook image and sponsored story example…. What do you think?