Voice v Xfactor – a marketing view

It’s a bit late in the day to jump on the bandwagon to bad mouth the poor performance of the UK Voice, but i’ve been having some thoughts to why it failed and the comparisons of marketing a brand. I’ve been a bit of a fan of music shows ever since Will Green won popidol many years ago. I’m now a father of a young child so is essential viewing and ‘good’ weekend tv.

Marketing TV programmes is one of the main success (or failures) of a shows performance. Simon Cowell is a PR and marketing guru. He knows how to plug and show and get the most out of the media. He is a perfect spokesperson for any brand / tv show he goes on, and he knows the value of his outspoken ways. He knows how to drop in a line to hit the headlines, similar to the top dogs at RyanAir, PaddyPower and Virgin.

I think the main downfall of the Voice is the marketing campaign wasn’t for long enough. Xfactor airs for what seems like 6 months for the year. There is only one thing on TV for longer each year and that is the DFS ‘sale’ adverts. This prolonged coverage is it’s power whereas the Voice was a short show or campaign burst. If you ask any marketeer if they want a tv campaign for 12 weeks or 20, I’m pretty sure they would like extra coverage. If you need to build a launch brand you would never be so shy considering the budgets of the bbc (plus the millions they paid for the show).

Being a longer series allows the audience to build stronger opinions and connections with the acts on Xfactor. The Voice were far to quick to axe multiple acts after the opening shows. It’s trump card of turning chairs and battles latest just a few weeks whereas the ‘story’ of Xfactor is more 6 weeks pre-live shows. Even before the live shows on Xfactor I know a hell of a lot about most the acts, I’ve seen where they are from, back story and their whole bloody family.

Looking at the judging panel and guest stars Xfactor also seem to have all the Aces again. Guest judges are like a celebrity endorsement for your brand. It’s fair to say the judging panel on the Voice just didn’t work. They had a few moments but they were little sparks. For me, they had about the same personality as some of the very highly paid and lifeless supermodels for l’Oreal.

In terms of production value, Xfactor looks a high budget performance such as an automate tv advert. In comparisons the Voice looked like it was made on the budget from such adverts as injurylawyers4U.

For me, the whole Voice campaign from the BBC has been like the launch of say …… Google +. The big G machine have a rather large budget and even tried a flash of tv advertising when launched. They hit prime time slots during some heavyweight program’s, but this fizzled out within weeks. There is also a bigger and better alternative at the moment with Facebook. Google Plus is slightly different than Facebook tho it’s backbone is still the same. In the Voices case, Xfactor is still its nemesis and looks like it will be for some time yet.