Target Your Page Posts on Facebook by Gender, Age and Location

I’ve just logged into my branded page on facebook and a welcome surprise for a rainy Wednesday afternoon in England. Facebook has launched a new targeting option for your brand page post.

You can now target your fans on facebook by gender, age, language and location so the most relevant people see your posts in their news feeds.  This is a great update from the team at Facebook and their continued improvements in allowing marketeers to use their platform to commutate. This update now means that land based companies with more than one location don’t need to set up multiple pages to communicate to local contacts, they can now have one page and use the targeting tool to tailor branded and local messages. Likewise if you international operations, you can tailor by location or language (example, Think Quebec in Canada potentially offering French posts to their Canadian fans).

Something to consider however that your posts will still be visible to anyone who visits your Page, even if they are outside of your target audience. The targeted posts only work within the persons news feed.

It’s a pretty handy tool for marketing people to have on facebook and comes hot on the heels of the much needed scheduling tool.

In the examples on my screen shot you can add targeting on your facebook status updates on your branded page by clicking the target icon. You can then add from  gender, age, language, interests and location and this will show you how many of your fans this update is targeting. It’s also worth noting that only about 15-20% of your fans see your posts, so consider this when using the targeting tool.