PR for SEO – there’s never been a more important time for good PR

PR has always been an important way for a Brand to build its exposure to potential customers. With the creation of Google, plus it’s Panda and Penguin updates, in my opinion there has never been a more implant time for PR.

PR companies used to be tasked to gain exposure and eye ball media hits. If your agency used to gain exposure for you in one of the biggest media in your industry you’d have been very happy. That still might be the case but there should also be the desire to gain links back to you website to increase SEO.

Link baiting or such tactics are on the increase and you can now recruit specialist companies to gain links to help with your SEO. For some companies that have bigger budgets, you now might consider having a PR agency, SEO agency plus a link creation agency. F

or many PR agencies they now offer a SEO arm, likewise most SEO agencies offer PR….. But in my opinion my need to keep these separate for your business. For me if you set out to gain links from your PR, you could be missing out on so much other exposure. If you do gain links and SEO from your PR activity they take it as a bonus.

If your PR agency produce data and articles that feature on high valued media space, plus high value page ranking for google, this is where you’ll achieve a little extra bonus for your SEO. Gaining exposure in titles and media hubs is hard work, and there’s little or no way you can gain links off these with SEO tactics.

Journalists don’t care about SEO and the top titles certainly don’t sell links. You’ll have to get creative and do some work to achieve links off these sites. It’s all about PR!