Why not to link social media accounts – Stop being Lazy!

A quick blog today. It’s always the way at the moment as like most people who want to blog, I’ve been too busy to keep this up-to-date with new posts.

This is just a quick rant about the lazy people out there that link their social media accounts.  I’ve seen so much of it lately and it’s really starting to get on my tits, as it just shows a real lack of value to your social channels / community.

An example of linking social media accounts is posting on Facebook will then automatically send a tweet which can then update your linkedin. For me this is just bloody lazy. If you don’t have the time to update each one, I suggest using a 3rd party platform like hootsuite or tweetdeck. You can easily link all your profiles into one page and then use one status update to post across media.

If you do post via hootsuite you can even add your vanity url in so you don’t have to use ow.ly, sha.re, goo.gl or bit.ly links which gives you a bit of extra branded identity.

Likewise if you are posting to twitter from your facebook account you lose the way to hashtag. Some of you might say you can hashtag in facebook…… but again…… this is so wrong!



My brother is a social idiot. He doesn’t hear my crys for help or suggestions I have given to him. The example post above shows you how poor linking your facebook account to twitter can look. I’ve bloody no idea what this post was about and pretty sure no one else does either. It just looks like spam and gives you little or no reason to click the link.

A tip, everyone wants to see images these days, so if you are posting pictures on facebook which links to twitter, people can not see these unless they are using a tool like flipboard. Likewise if you are using hootsuite to post pictures via its schedule tool, people have to click out to see the image. None of these options really give a good user experience within the latest twitter apps and desk top site.



It’s not just my brother or small companies that do this. Take a look at the social media platform provider Engage Sciences above. Bit of a dig from me on this. I love ES and it’s facebook profile. I actually use it for my current role and suggest any marketeers out their looking for a good facebook competition app give them a call. HOWEVER, why oh why are they linking their facebook page to their twitter account. If they want social media marketeers to take them seriously, then how can they let this happen? For me, it is giving the completely wrong impression to the people like me that give a shit about this.

For me, the best way to post on twitter is from a real account with a proper image. An example of one of my snap shots is above. No one really wants to follow bots!  SO stop being lazy people…… if you don’t have the time…… get the right tools and systems in place to make it look “real”. If you want to know what those systems are…… drop me a line!