How to get a new Facebook fan for 19 pence – Promoted Status Example

There has been plenty in the marketing and social press about promoted status updates from Facebook since they introduced it a few months back. At first I jumped on the bandwagon of thinking it was just a load of noise and a money making idea around the time of the Facebook IPO. However, I’m now a BIG fan of paying for a fan.

I’ve run plenty of tests and trials for gaining facebook coverage. In the early days I thought unique and enjoyable content would win the day and engagement would help the page grow organically. This was true but not at the rate I wanted.

I’ve tried sponsored adverts, targeting peoples interests and pretty much anything else facebook wants to sell me. I’ve now begun testing the promoted status option on facebook and I absolutely love it.  Now I might be giving the game away to a few competitors here, but hey, I’ve noticed a few of you try it was little success so far.

For me, you need a reason to spend money on why people want to interact with you….. it’s the same principles as everything social you do.

Here is an example of a promotion I have created. On the face of it, it is a simple promotion to win a bike…. and you are not far wrong. But to get the biggest value, highest engagement and lowest cost per fan, here is what I needed (and what I suggest you have).

  • No more than two lines of promotion text. This is to keep it simple / easy to read and also when this pulls into friends of your fans feed as a sponsored story, you do not have the “continue reading link” which kills conversion rates
  • Nice image. It goes without saying you need a nice image which tells the reader what you are offering
  • A great 1st promotion. I only use promoted status updates for the 1st time I promote a competition as these tend to be the biggest in terms of engagement from your current fanbase…. thus increasing the reach of the paid status
  • Short URL. Still surprises me that people use and links to promote your brand. URL’s cost penny’s these day people! How much nicer does the link look with a custom domain and url structure.
  • I hate doing it, and i hate others that do….. but it has to be done. HIT LIKE.  There is a reason I use the HIT LIKE tactic for promoted statuses. You are promoting this status to people which don’t currently Like your branded page, so it actually makes more sense telling them that they need to like your page before they can enter. If on a mobile (which most people are these days) they will also have a nice little like button shown to them as part of the sponsored story, so again, an easy conversion
  • Have a fantastic data capture app. A decent app costs money and one of the free solutions just will not do
  • It goes without saying your app needs to work on mobile, and I’m still surprised the amount of big brands that miss this opportunity.

If you get it right, you can acquire fans for as little as 19 pence per fan based on my experience. This Win a Bike example has been the best performing for me so far on a page that has just 15,000 fans.