If i shopped based on my most loved adverts

So I’ve been thinking about this blog for a while and during a four day meeting session in London I had a few moments to bash the keyboard.

I’ve been thinking about brand advertising and does it make a difference to me and my purchasing. I love a good marketing campaign with great creative. My wife would also tell you that I’m also a sucker for a marketing gimmick.

Lets start with my favourite current campaign, be more dog. I love the advert from O2, created by VCCP. I really struggle to see the connection to O2, however sod it, it’s an amazing campaign. The idea is genius and shot well, and i’ve even download the app to play frisbee with the cat via my ipad, tossing the frisbee onto my pc screen. The agency have obviously played on the UKs fondness of pets. T-Mobile tried a similar whacky creative pitch and ended up with a dancing pony.

I have to admit this was a shocking advert and probably in my most hated top ten. They must have been seduced by a big agency in the pitch which is easily done. EE launch with Kevin Bacon, I was a big fan. I have no idea what Vodafone campaigns are out there and have no recall from them over the last 3 years. Despite this I’m on Vodafone and will stay with them for a number more years. I switched from Orange 3 years ago as I couldn’t get a signal in my house. This highlights the fundamentals of every brand, get your product and service right.

Moving onto shopping, Aldi adverts from the McCann team are awarding winning, and rightly so. From gin drinking grannies to a fat chap in a Special K red dress, a clever little campaign. As a food snob, I’m unlikely to ever step through the door at Aldi. Thankfully my town is just about to open a Waitrose and there is also talk of Sainsburys so I can ditch trips to Tesco. Mind you I don’t do many trips these days…. Why don’t supermarkets push home delivery more? Why doesn’t one of the big supermarkets just go all out to win the home shopping market?

Fallon have done a great job with the Skoda campaigns. They’ve done so well I would now consider buying one as my next car. Obviously this is also down to the fact Skoda have improved there product. Going back to my gimmick quote earlier, love a guy jumping of a driving board through a Ford B-Max! I wanted one straight away! After a bit of research on the car however, it’s not as child friendly as you think.

I’m not the person in the household that buys car / home insurance. If I was I’d go to moneysupermarket as I’d love to feel Epic! I’d never go to gocompare on principle and have blogged about killing off Goi a while back. I’m claiming credit for them changing their campaigns and killing off the face of their adverts via their new strap lineĀ saving the nation. Confused would be my second choice, YMCA was not as annoying and I’m growing fond of Brian The Robert.

I used to LOVE apple, probably still do a bit but would now consider a switch to Samsung. If I purchased my next phone based on brand hits I would be buying a blackberry, eek! Surprising what a headline sponsorship campaign on Sky Atlantic will get you. If I was seduced by a creative campaign I’d buy a Nokia. However despite the lovely work by the marketing guys, your products are just shit.

I’ve been burnt before with good advertising and a nice looking product. Remember the Sony Walkman, a competitor against the early iPods. The Walkman was beautiful and stylish, but the software to get music on it was shocking. I spent hours, if not days messing about with it. Same applies to Nokia, the software is just not good enough in comparison to Apple & Android these days.

I read a great line in a marketing presentation lately

coke is the real thing, everything else is an imitation

This is so true and I would never optionally buy Pepsi or other alternatives. Same apples for Redbull v Monster, Groupon v Wowcher.
Not sure how to end this blog. Guess a conclusion would be that I’m stubborn and swayed by the populist options, but if your product isn’t deemed the best on the market, why should I buy it?