I’ve been in a right Carfuffle

MC6So I’ve released I’ve not blogged for a wee while so it’s about time I did a little one (i’m still busy). The main reason there has been a gulf of blogging for 6 months is due to me being in a right kerfuffle with the new Motors.co.uk campaign. Since August of 2013 I’ve been flat out launching the first national TV campaign for Motors.co.uk, named Carfuffle. The first two adverts are below.

This campaign has been the peak of my career so far, and it’s been a great experience. It’s been an incredible journey from enjoying 6 weeks of an intensive creative pitch process to filming the adverts in Cape Town.  The creative pitch process was really insightful and it was fantastic meeting some of the best creative minds in the UK.  I walked the streets of soho for many days fuelled by sugary treats and caffeine, this is the real hard life of a true marketeer.

The level of detail that goes into a TV advert is scary. If you watch a 30 second advert frame by frame, each one of those seconds has been debated for hours and hours in a number of meetings.  During the creative conception meetings we found ourselves discussing chicken feet, not your typical Friday afternoon meeting.  Hennifer the chicken was the first idea for the Carfuffle campaign, and in my opinion the highlight.

If anyone is reading this and wondering who were the creative chaps behind the campaign, take a look at Brave Creative. I can not rate the team highly enough, great agency.

Whether the UK public love the advert is probably not the make or break of this campaign. The response so far has been very impressive and all signs point to a hugely successful campaign, something that I for one am rather proud of.  The core principles of the campaign from the start were always Who are we, What do we do and How are we different. The fact that we have landed this and made the produce the hero of the advert is quiet an achievement.

Watch the adverts below.


I’m pretty sure these two adverts will not be the end of Carfuffle, there is so much we could do with the campaign.