Avoid Facebook Zero Post with Video and Better Content

So I’ve been thinking about Facebook Zero a lot lately and is the option of Facebook content marketing dead.

It’s been on my mind a while now, probably towards the back end of 2013 when my brand page engagement was in sharp decline. One of best blogs about it and the topic area is the Eat24 breakup letter.

Look, face facts, to play on facebook marketing you need a bit of money or some kick arse content.  You don’t need a large ATL budget but say if you post 3 times a day and want to increase the reach of these posts than just a £20 budget per post would be a mere £1,800 a month.  You could also split this budget down into the three parts, one to build fans, one to promote to your existing followers plus their friends and the other via the targeting option.


Here’s a thought, just because you post a picture of a cat looking cute or other funny picture, you are not guaranteed engagement. Same principles have applied from years of CRM marketing, send a crap Direct Mail or Email, and response will be low. Same applies in today’s social world. I feel for every post your community management team need to ask themselves, is this worth posting? Don’t feel you have to post, but if you are, then make sure it’s worth it.

I have focused a bit more time lately on our social content and organic reach is still there, even more when your followers share and engage with it!

Something else marketing folk are jumping on these days are uploading videos instead of sharing youtuibe links. The auto play function of Facebook has really assisted in engagement and views of video content. Likewise this is also the case for posting on Facebook via your Instagram account,  so it’s now well worth using and sharing video content via the app integration.

Engagement on Facebook has changed, people are no longer obsessed with likes, today’s currency is shares.  I’d take a like, I’m happy with a comment but I truly value a share.

Here’s some recent posts with videos which are now out performing image based posts.

Native Video

139,000 people saw this post with over 66,000 video views with just shy of 1,000 shares! The link also attracted 1,200 clicks. Obviously the video and topic area were engaging but this is an impressive reach considering this page has 25,000.