Review of Atlantis The Palm Dubai

There might be a reason why I visited this hotel thinking about my time at a wankie hotel in Cyprus.  My Holiday Snob blog.

Surely there is only one place to stay when you are visiting Dubai?

That is what my wife and I thought when we were searching for our holiday to Dubai. We were visiting Dubai as a beach holiday that has the benefits of having a city nearby to do a couple of things. If we were in Dubai for say 2 days our choice of hotel might have differed. Here are my thoughts on the Atlantis Palm.

First off, it’s important to say staying at the Atlantis isn’t cheap. It isn’t cheap to book and it’s defiantly not cheap once you are there.  Thankfully we had half board which meant we had breakfast and dinner sorted which turned out to be the right choice when booking.

We booked with Virgin Holidays and the rep at the holiday Alan, was really helpful before we reached the hotel. He obviously wants to sell you experiences once you are there but he was a nice chap. He booked me a table at At.mosphere which is a bar up the Burj Khalifa. I would recommend booking a table at this bar instead of visiting the usual tourist deck. It’s two floors lower but for the same money you get to enjoy two cocks instead of pushing tourists out the way. Likewise, Alan has a bit of free wifi if you want to save £15 a day cost for the hotel wifi. Pop down to his office for the password, however you only get enough signal outside his off (but remember you’re on holiday!)  

A great extra for staying at the Atlantis is your free access to the waterpark. I spent over a day here enjoying a number of the slides and experiences. The leap of faith is a fantastic drop slide, and something I would suggest you do. Unbelievable experience.  Probably the best money we spent in Dubai was doing the Shark Safari experience. It was only something like £35 each but you spend an hour walking at the bottom of a large tank with black tip reef sharks and rays. A great experience and not something you can do anywhere for such a modest price.

We stayed halfboard at the Atlantis so could enjoy a “free” evening meal. Without doubt the best complimentary restaurant was Levanfine. This classic middle eastern restaurant was a fantastic meal and worth a visit. We did try some of the others but they were pretty standard in all honesty. Saffron was the best of the bunch offering Asian food and is also the best breakfast venue.

All-in-all, Dubai was a great 5 day holiday and perfect for what we needed. We wanted a great hotel, warm weather, good cocktails and good food. Dubai might not have a soul of older cities and destinations, but I did enjoy it and likely to return.

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