History of Mobile Phones – My Journey from Ericsson, via Nokia & Motorola to Apple

Ericsson T18My wife will testify that I now spend far too much time on my phone. It’s the last thing I do at night and first thing in the morning. A quick look at emails, news, twitter and facebook. I’m addicted to it and the information it gives me.

Like most people these days, my phone is so much more than just something I use to call people. Infact I probably spend less than a couple of hours a month on my personal phone these days.  But it’s not always been that way, here a look back at my phone history.  Ericsson T28s

Oh, before we get to the phones I was also in the pager gang! Jesus what was I thinking? To be honest I only had one for a few months, but it was completely useless apart from my Mum telling my what was for dinner.

So this is where it all stNokia 8210arted for me. I purchased an Ericsson T18 when I went to university as a means to keep intouch with the family, and more importantly sort out locations for beers with fellow dirty students.

I loved this phone, it’s like your first car, first love etc…. you’ll never forget your first!  I remember I had to type in my own ringtone for this. I used to enjoy the mono sound of Jurassic Park theme tune as a ringtone.

I didn’t venture too far from the T18 for my next phone, just the upgraded version T28. This was way cooler with a button that flipped down when you needed to use the phone.Nokia N73

I finally gave in on my next phone and joined the Nokia bandwagon. The Nokia 8210 was a great phone and was the first time Nokia managed to make a phone not the size of a brick.

With that said, my next phone was a big one, in terms of size. The round dial on the Nokia 3660 sold me as I love a fad! I have fond memories of this phone as it was the one I took with my travelling around the world.  The colour screen also took snake to a whole new level!Nokia3660

I continued the love affair with Nokia for my next phone a N73. Pure Nokia this one, functional without style. Style is the reason I switched over to the Razor V3 for Motorola. A great phone and slim and easy to use.

I’m not sure why, but for my next phone I got a Orange Tokyo which was tiny! This thing was the smallest phone I’ve ever had. Motorola Razor V3The promotion that Orange ran with this phone gave you a free Apple Touch.  It was at this time I realised two things, I loved Apple and a phone was no longer just a phone.

I would blog on my touch on the train, connecting to wifi when I got into work to upload my articles for a sport blog I played with back then.

Since those days I’ve only had one Phone manufacture on my radar. I’ve gone through Apple iPhones 3g, 4, 5 and was one of the plebs to get an iPhone 5s on launch day.OrangeTokyo

In the middle of this during my iPhone 4 stage I also had a Blackberry for work for a few months.  It was a truly awful phone to have at that stage of my phone history, if it was 5 years earlier then it would have been amazing, so goes to show how fast the technology moves.iPhone 3G

It’s pretty unbelievable how far mobile phones have come. When I got my first phone I used the internet for betting, chat and maybe an email or two, plus this was via a PC at my university.

Now, the mobile phone has become my number one source of shopping,  banking, communication, knowledge, gaming and photography.

What’s next for me? Apple iPhone 6 or Air, but after that, who knows!



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    You have a photo of GF 768 instead of T18 – I had both of them :)