Premier League House Prices.

Before you think it, let me just say for the record I know this has been done before. But unlike Hollywood, my remake is better than the originals.

Premier League club property prices, with Chelsea so far ahead of the rest its shocking.  The data others have produced before is no match to this beautiful graphic leading itself to a popular sports channel.

My beloved mighty Villa are once again towards the bottom of the table.

With the Premier League kicking off in a couple of weeks, it was the perfect time to hit the media with some soft headlines.

My favourite bit of the press release was a little dig at Spurs (come on, you have to really).

Arsenal manage to pip north London rivals Tottenham again in the Premier League Property Table, but Spurs fans will be happy after finally succeeding to claim 4th spot, something they wish they could replicate on the pitch.

Full press release on eMoov here Premier League Houses