London Map – The Property Version Goes Viral

Property-Map-London (1)

Last week I had the pleasure of releasing a press release which went viral. Yes, i know the V word can be over used by marketing folk, but I’m claiming it.

It was a simple press release really, just matching up property prices on the London tube map. The media went mad for it, as did people on social media.

In terms of SEO (note, this was not an SEO campaign), the links we generated would make any SEO expert cry with emotion.

You can see the map at

Here is some of the online coverage.


Alot of debate amongst the Facebook followers of TimeOut London

If you’ve got a casual £2.6 million kicking around then you can snap up a house in Piccadilly Circus or High Street Kensington.

Posted by Time Out London on Thursday, 4 February 2016

Debate from the ITV London page, they even showed it on the 6pm news

Find out how much the average house price is where you live and how much more you could get for your money by moving a couple of Tube stops.

Posted by ITV London on Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Any even “celebs” were tweeting about it.