London Map – The Property Version Goes Viral

Last week I had the pleasure of releasing a press release which went viral. Yes, i know the V word can be over used by marketing folk, but I’m claiming it. It was a simple press release really, just matching up property prices on the London tube map. The media went mad for it, as did people on social media. In… Read more →


Story Of A Commuting Dad

I’ve been thinking about this commuting video ever since I watched the advert which had the soundtrack I’ve used. It’s so easy to capture on a GoPro and edit these days. I hope you enjoy the video, some additional thoughts below. I love working London, it’s as addictive as crack cocaine. It’s like the Baz Luhrmann track “wear sunscreen”.  You have… Read more →

OMT-150 TV Advert Marketing Thoughts

Today a new property portal launches after much debate in the industry. I’ve only worked in the property industry for 7 months now so it has been fascinating to be involved during this time. Property Tech is red hot at the moment as a market, one of the main reasons I joined leading online estate agent eMoov. is a… Read more →


Premier League House Prices.

Before you think it, let me just say for the record I know this has been done before. But unlike Hollywood, my remake is better than the originals. Premier League club property prices, with Chelsea so far ahead of the rest its shocking.  The data others have produced before is no match to this beautiful graphic leading itself to a… Read more →


Real Life Monopoly Infographic

I’ve not done an Infographic for a wee while so here we go, my first in my new role at leading online estate agent The here and now edition of Monopoly takes a trip around the UK instead of iconic version set in London and we created a Real Life Monopoly price guide based on the locations used in the game. Read more →