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Avoid Facebook Zero Post with Video and Better Content

So I’ve been thinking about Facebook Zero a lot lately and is the option of Facebook content marketing dead. It’s been on my mind a while now, probably towards the back end of 2013 when my brand page engagement was in sharp decline. One of best blogs about it and the topic area is the Eat24 breakup letter. Look, face… Read more →


Review of Atlantis The Palm Dubai

There might be a reason why I visited this hotel thinking about my time at a wankie hotel in Cyprus.  My Holiday Snob blog. Surely there is only one place to stay when you are visiting Dubai? That is what my wife and I thought when we were searching for our holiday to Dubai. We were visiting Dubai as a… Read more →


If i shopped based on my most loved adverts

So I’ve been thinking about this blog for a while and during a four day meeting session in London I had a few moments to bash the keyboard. I’ve been thinking about brand advertising and does it make a difference to me and my purchasing. I love a good marketing campaign with great creative. My wife would also tell you… Read more →


My Movember 2012 & Timelapse Video

I’ve always admired people raising money via Movember each year, and 2012 is the year i got involved. I’ve never had a moustache before….. i once have a pencil thin beard to give myself a jaw line, but not sure even that would hide my double chin these days. I’ve loved the conversions you receive while taking part in Movember, and i’m glad to have raised… Read more →


2012 Quiz Questions and Answers

Thought i might aswell share the Motors.co.uk Quiz questions as i was the 2012 host. Google helped me out with most of these so feel free to nick any of them. Olympic round 1. How many Gold’s did Team GB win during the Summers Olympic & Paralympics Games a. 29 + 34 = 63 2. Who won TeamGB’s first medal,… Read more →