Premier League House Prices.

Before you think it, let me just say for the record I know this has been done before. But unlike Hollywood, my remake is better than the originals. Premier League club property prices, with Chelsea so far ahead of the rest its shocking.  The data others have produced before is no match to this beautiful graphic leading itself to a… Read more →


I’ve been in a right Carfuffle

So I’ve released I’ve not blogged for a wee while so it’s about time I did a little one (i’m still busy). The main reason there has been a gulf of blogging for 6 months is due to me being in a right kerfuffle with the new campaign. Since August of 2013 I’ve been flat out launching the first… Read more →


If i shopped based on my most loved adverts

So I’ve been thinking about this blog for a while and during a four day meeting session in London I had a few moments to bash the keyboard. I’ve been thinking about brand advertising and does it make a difference to me and my purchasing. I love a good marketing campaign with great creative. My wife would also tell you… Read more →


Win a Car promotion for students

  Kicking off a new marketing campaign this week. This one is a bit of a feel good campaign to give away a car to student. All the details can be found at I am giving away a Renault Twingo!  God, this £5,000 Twingo is a far cry from the pack of rubbish I drove at Uni. I drove a white Citroen Visa GTI… Read more →

Facebook mobile adverts go live on iPhone app

Just spotted this on my mobile app, the first time I’ve seen an advert or sponsored story within the mobile environment on Facebook. It was always going to come but a little bit of me is annoyed to see it this way. Unlike on a pc where the right hand side is for display and adverts, this sponsored story is… Read more →

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Carlsberg v Fosters Adverts – Which is best?

Oh dear god, if I was swayed by advertising what would I be drinking this summer?  Ii love the whole fosters campaign but Carlsberg have come out today with their Euro2012 advert. Needless to say it’s bloody amazing. The A TV ad, ‘Fan Academy’, created by Fold7, will launch on Saturday morning (12 May) during ‘Soccer Am’ on Sky Sports.… Read more →