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Aldi TV Adverts

In 2011 Aldi hit the top with their gin drinking gran and won #1 advert of the year. The Aldi campaign was masterminded by the Leith Agency in 2011. I’ve just noticed they have a super cool old man drinking the aldi version of redbull….. it’s another stroke of genius from the Aldi marketing team. I’m a self confessed food snob… Read more →

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2012 Olympics Adverts

The Olympics is now just 100 days away. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were all jumping up and down watching the big screens in Trafalgar Square with David Beckham and gang doing their thing. To many top brands throughout the world the opportunity of the Olympics is massive. They have to put up a fair few millions… Read more →

Paddy Power Cheltenham Advert and PR

Once again Paddy Power have stolen the show before the off. Even since I started working in the gambling industry I’ve had a love for Paddy. They just are great at PR and there is no one close to their work. I think one of my favourite PR stunts was the Hollywood signal on Cleeve Hill during the Cheltenham festival… Read more →

Best SuperBowl Advert – Whassup

It’s the 2012 Superbowl tonight and their is a whole lot of money being spent on advertising. A 30-second commercial slot at this year’s Super Bowl, will cost $3.5 million (£2.2 million). That’s just to air it. God knows how much companies have paid agencies for concept and production. This year we see Pepsi take a pop at Coke, Feris… Read more →

New Print Ad campaign for Motors from A&N Creative

Today I will kick off the new print creative for the 2012 Take your pick campaign.  A very simple visual concept that is a combination of a huge ranged of stock available and motors making is easy to select your next car . In fact, it’s almost like getting your car from a vending machine or an ATM. Or maybe even from… Read more →

Idea: Kill Gio Compario for next Advert

It’s been said a fair few times by many more knowledgable people than I, but enough with the adverts already. Even since the I heard the original advert (i think it was the coffee shop one), I’ve never been a fan. Don’t get me wrong, I have a soft spot for some crap / annoying adverts but there is something… Read more →