Win a Car promotion for students

  Kicking off a new marketing campaign this week. This one is a bit of a feel good campaign to give away a car to student. All the details can be found at I am giving away a Renault Twingo!  God, this £5,000 Twingo is a far cry from the pack of rubbish I drove at Uni. I drove a white Citroen Visa GTI… Read more →

Google Penguin Update and guideline tips

In case you haven’t heard the news, the official name for the Webspam update Google launched last week, was the Penguin update. Google’s Matt Cutts tweeted a picture of a stuffed Panda hanging out with a stuffed Penguin. Shame on google for giving these animals a bad name!  The punters out their will be betting on another black and white animal for… Read more →

How to embed a tweet into a html web page or blog

The world is sharing mad these days, from like, tweet, pin, watch, read and more everyone what’s to share information. One of the nice updates from twitter recently (well a while now but it’s taken me a while to blog about it) is embedding a tweet into your website. This tactic is a journalists dream now. Talk sport, Daily Mail… Read more →

My 3000th Tweet

So here is my landmark 3000th tweet. 3 mintues a month on #googleplus!I’d even question that number… — Stephen Jury (@stephen_jury) April 10, 2012   Now who the hell am i to sit here and talk about how google have all their business strategy wrong, the facts are facts.  ComScore have give us these browsing stats and according to the research Google+ users averaged only three… Read more →

Latest interesting articles on Google

Here is a selection of articles on google / seo i’ve found and read this week. To be honest, the top story is the best. Interesting read and advice to claim some top link juice from high authority links for all you white hats out there. The 10 Golden Rules to Attracting Authority Links | BBG Network bbgnetwork.net2/4/12 These are… Read more →