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Target Your Page Posts on Facebook by Gender, Age and Location

I’ve just logged into my branded page on facebook and a welcome surprise for a rainy Wednesday afternoon in England. Facebook has launched a new targeting option for your brand page post. You can now target your fans on facebook by gender, age, language and location so the most relevant people see your posts in their news feeds.  This is a great update from the team at… Read more →

Facebook mobile adverts go live on iPhone app

Just spotted this on my mobile app, the first time I’ve seen an advert or sponsored story within the mobile environment on Facebook. It was always going to come but a little bit of me is annoyed to see it this way. Unlike on a pc where the right hand side is for display and adverts, this sponsored story is… Read more →


Every town needs a local twitter account

Like most of my posts I’ll start with the usual opening, I’ve been meaning to blog about this for ages. The blog post has actually changed from the original plan. I wanted to publish a blog about the benefit of having a local news source on twitter for smaller towns. Most small towns have a very small and poorly run local newspaper that probably… Read more →

How to schedule posts on facebook for facebook

Well, it’s the one all marketing people have been waiting for, the schedule posts tool on facebook. Thankfully i can stop using poor 3rd party tools like Hootsuite which put pictures into annoying folders and do not pull in thumbnails of videos from youtube. Using the Facebook schedule posts option means you can now see all of your insights in one place too!… Read more →

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Win an iPad or my P45?

This month I was asked by my boss how we could increase our facebook fanbase by 50%. My reply was let’s give away an ipad. First off, just incase you don’t read the rest of this blog, this reply was a joke. Don’t get me wrong…. I LOVE APPLE…… and I know it is still the most desirable product on… Read more →


Social Video Campaign Result

Social video is becoming more and more popular as the world shares content via a number of social networks.  As part of my role at  I recently created a social media campaign aimed at creating video content (produced, edited and filmed by to help engage our social audience and continue brand awareness by enjoyable video content. Launched in… Read more →