I’ve been in a right Carfuffle

So I’ve released I’ve not blogged for a wee while so it’s about time I did a little one (i’m still busy). The main reason there has been a gulf of blogging for 6 months is due to me being in a right kerfuffle with the new campaign. Since August of 2013 I’ve been flat out launching the first… Read more →

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Voice v Xfactor – a marketing view

It’s a bit late in the day to jump on the bandwagon to bad mouth the poor performance of the UK Voice, but i’ve been having some thoughts to why it failed and the comparisons of marketing a brand. I’ve been a bit of a fan of music shows ever since Will Green won popidol many years ago. I’m now… Read more →

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Carlsberg v Fosters Adverts – Which is best?

Oh dear god, if I was swayed by advertising what would I be drinking this summer?  Ii love the whole fosters campaign but Carlsberg have come out today with their Euro2012 advert. Needless to say it’s bloody amazing. The A TV ad, ‘Fan Academy’, created by Fold7, will launch on Saturday morning (12 May) during ‘Soccer Am’ on Sky Sports.… Read more →

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Aldi TV Adverts

In 2011 Aldi hit the top with their gin drinking gran and won #1 advert of the year. The Aldi campaign was masterminded by the Leith Agency in 2011. I’ve just noticed they have a super cool old man drinking the aldi version of redbull….. it’s another stroke of genius from the Aldi marketing team. I’m a self confessed food snob… Read more →

Paddy Power Cheltenham Advert and PR

Once again Paddy Power have stolen the show before the off. Even since I started working in the gambling industry I’ve had a love for Paddy. They just are great at PR and there is no one close to their work. I think one of my favourite PR stunts was the Hollywood signal on Cleeve Hill during the Cheltenham festival… Read more →

Idea: Kill Gio Compario for next Advert

It’s been said a fair few times by many more knowledgable people than I, but enough with the adverts already. Even since the I heard the original advert (i think it was the coffee shop one), I’ve never been a fan. Don’t get me wrong, I have a soft spot for some crap / annoying adverts but there is something… Read more →