Every town needs a local twitter account

Like most of my posts I’ll start with the usual opening, I’ve been meaning to blog about this for ages. The blog post has actually changed from the original plan. I wanted to publish a blog about the benefit of having a local news source on twitter for smaller towns. Most small towns have a very small and poorly run local newspaper that probably… Read more →

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Aldi TV Adverts

In 2011 Aldi hit the top with their gin drinking gran and won #1 advert of the year. The Aldi campaign was masterminded by the Leith Agency in 2011. I’ve just noticed they have a super cool old man drinking the aldi version of redbull….. it’s another stroke of genius from the Aldi marketing team. I’m a self confessed food snob… Read more →

How to embed a tweet into a html web page or blog

The world is sharing mad these days, from like, tweet, pin, watch, read and more everyone what’s to share information. One of the nice updates from twitter recently (well a while now but it’s taken me a while to blog about it) is embedding a tweet into your website. This tactic is a journalists dream now. Talk sport, Daily Mail… Read more →

My 3000th Tweet

So here is my landmark 3000th tweet. 3 mintues a month on #googleplus!I’d even question that number… — Stephen Jury (@stephen_jury) April 10, 2012   Now who the hell am i to sit here and talk about how google have all their business strategy wrong, the facts are facts.  ComScore have give us these browsing stats and according to the research Google+ users averaged only three… Read more →

Social Video Campaign

This week sees the launch of my latest social media campaign. Following up on the article i put on here last month that talks about the hype, but importance, of social video, i’m happy to report of the launch of the Motor Challenge Competition. Take a look and get involved at Facebook. Filmed over two days at the back… Read more →

Twitter Basic’s – What is a hashtag

So this article is for my brother. It might be of use to some of you novices out there too, but I have produced this to save me hours of phone calls and argues and stress. Not since trying to teach my mother how to set up 1. The internet and 2. Email have I attempted to share a bit… Read more →